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Federal Consulting

Technology + Strategy

Technology is no longer a separate area of strategy - it's how the strategy becomes reality. Bridging the gap between the technology and business worlds can mean the difference between success and failure. At Surava, we understand how to bring together the tech and business worlds into solutions that work for everyone.

Federal Consulting Services

Technology doesn't exist in a vacuum. We work with you at the intersection of tech, strategy, and operations to deliver solutions on time and within budget.

Project & Business

Project/Program/Portfolio Management

Interlocking frameworks to improve governance and automate reporting.

Turning ideas into results requires a keen eye for detail and relentless pursuit of excellence. Surava can help, whether it's managing a single project, a multi-million dollar program, or an entire PMO. We're well-versed in a variety of project and portfolio management methodologies with the agility to tailor our approach to your organization's culture. Our team stays on the cutting edge of how IT is managed, so no matter what your organization's maturity level, Surava can build processes and manage within frameworks that work for you.

Business Software Design & Implementation

Tools your users will actually want to use - because they work the first time.

Chatbots. AI. Robotic Process Automation. Cloud-based Platforms. Lots of buzzwords, all with one goal: streamlining and simplifying your business processes. Whatever tool you choose, your organization won't realize its true value without making it easy to use. Surava's specialists will work with you to provide a smooth transition that will provide real value. Our human-centered design reduces training costs and the learning curve, ensuring your employees get up to speed quickly and don't abandon your modern approach just to go back to spreadsheets.

Technology Business Management (TBM)

We can show you how to transform your TBM efforts from compliance to real value.

TBM has become increasingly important in both the public and private sector thanks to the need to squeeze every dollar of value out of IT. Our certified TBM experts can assist in making your TBM journey a success. We've worked with federal agencies to understand their specific needs and provided custom roadmaps, not recycled cookie-cutter products. But we don't just drop off a strategy on our way out the door; our team works alongside clients to make sure the job gets done.

Data Analytics

Going beyond traditional approaches to visualization to unlock your information's full potential.

Anyone can create dashboards, but at Surava we strive to understand your mission and the insights needed to propel that mission forward. By listening first instead of assuming we know what's best for you, our team puts your business needs at the heart of our approach. But we don't stop with the data you have available - we also let you know how changes to your data collection methodology or existing business processes could unlock even greater visibility and provide unforeseen value.

Tech & Data

Federal Case Study

A large federal agency’s primary IT department did not have push-button reporting for its financial data due to largely manual processes and outdated technology. Surava built a ServiceNow-based application that streamlined multiple financial processes as well as displayed a robust dashboard immediately available to executives at any time. From budgeting through execution, the client was able to obtain previously siloed information through a modern interface. The new financial reporting structure aligned with Technology Business Management (TBM) principles, putting the client on the cutting edge of the federal IT world. Our subject matter experts worked with the client to build out requirements and provide a working product within six months. Over the following year, Surava continued to update the application while providing training and support for users. Due to the success of this application, the client launched a larger program designed to synthesize additional data across acquisition, project management, portfolio management, and asset management, with the initial application continuing to serve as the foundation.

Case Study

Ready to Find Out More?

Interested in a makeover for your current business software? Need help modernizing your IT portfolio from a cost center into a value driver? Or maybe just want to know more about what we can offer (including partnership opportunities)?

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Zero-Train Software Solutions

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